INFINITI Lease Return Center in Downtown L.A, CA

It’s easy to return your leased INFINITI to Downtown L.A. Follow these simple instructions and reach out to our INFINITI dealership if you have any questions.

We Want Your Lease Car!

Is your INFINITI vehicle lease-end date approaching? If so, you can relax knowing that INFINITI of Downtown L.A has your back for all your vehicle lease needs. Whether you leased your car from us or not, INFINITI of Downtown L.A is here to make sure your lease-end experience is quick and easy. Are you considering returning your lease and moving on? Maybe you’d like to lease another brand new INFINITI from us. You might even want to purchase your leased INFINITI car. No matter what you decide, INFINITI of Downtown L.A is here to help.

Before you return your lease:

  1. Check for excessive wear and tear on the car, then make sure to get the necessary repairs.
  2. You can schedule a complimentary inspection 15 to 60 days prior to your maturity date.
  3. Contact INFINITI of Downtown L.A to schedule a turn-in appointment.
  4. Check the DMV if your license plates need to be returned.


When your INFINITI car lease reaches its maturity date, you can return it to our INFINITI of Downtown L.A Lease Return Center. Still mulling over your next steps? Our friendly and knowledgable staff will be happy to walk you through all your options. Whether you decide to just turn in your lease car, lease a new INFINITI car or finance a new or used vehicle, we’re happy to handle all your personal transportation needs.


Please be sure to turn in the car keys, fobs, spare tire and tools, and the vehicles owners manual.


INFINITI Lease Return Instruction:

  • Please have a copy of the vehicles registration for the car you’re turning in.
  • Please have a copy of the lease payment statement.
  • Lease returns will be accepted by appointment only.


Have questions? No Problem. Contact us to ask any lease return questions you may have. Because at INFINITI of Downtown L.A, we want you as a customer for life!

Lease Return