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Schedule Los Angeles INFINITI Service at INFINITI of Downtown LA

As an INFINITI owner, you know your vehicle is a sophisticated piece of modern engineering that combines the highest levels of performance and luxury. But even vehicles as advanced as these will require occasional maintenance and repairs. When service needs arise, you can trust our Los Angeles INFINITI service specialists to deliver the premium care and expert attention that will keep your vehicle running dependably on Glendale roads and beyond. Whether you need an unexpected repair or you’re due for maintenance based on the INFINITI service schedule in Los Angeles, our team is here to help. Below, learn about the benefits of Los Angeles INFINITI service and how to use the above form.

Benefits of Los Angeles INFINITI Service

At INFINITI of Downtown LA, we understand that your vehicle is an investment, and we’re here to help you get the most out of that investment. Following the recommended INFINITI service schedule in Los Angeles is always a good rule of thumb, but issues or repairs may pop up in between these planned visits.  Our technicians can diagnose and resolve any service problems before they have a chance to develop into major issues and expenses. By bringing your vehicle to us, you are ensuring maximum performance—and peace of mind—on every drive in Downey, Van Nuys, or wherever the road takes you.

How to Make an INFINITI Service Appointment in Los Angeles

You have a number of ways to make an INFINITI service appointment in Los Angeles. Call 213-927-5032, contact us online, or fill out the convenient form located above. Here’s the information we need:

  • Contact Information – Provide us with your first and last name and your preferred method of contact, either a phone number or email address.
  • Vehicle – Tell us about your vehicle’s model by selecting the corresponding options from the dropdown menu.
  • Services – Choose a general service area from the dropdown box, then give us a brief description of the services you’d like us to provide or the issue you’d like us to look into. Next, you’ll be prompted to share a bit more about your vehicle and its maintenance needs.
  • Date and Time – Finally, choose your preferred service advisor, and let us know whether you’ll be waiting with your vehicle or dropping it off. Then select the date and time for your INFINITI service appointment in Los Angeles.

It’s that easy to stay on top of the INFINITI service schedule in Los Angeles! We look forward to helping you keep your vehicle in peak condition throughout the years ahead.