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2022 INFINITI Q50 Hybrid

New electric vehicles are becoming more common, and electrified INFINITI vehicles are here to stay due to Nissan and NASA’s partnership. At INFINITI of Downtown LA in Los Angeles, we often get asked questions like, “Does INFINITI sell electric vehicles?” Downey drivers can expect to see an INFINITI EV lineup come as soon as 2025! Right now, the electrified INFINITI Q5 will be the first of its kind. Learn more about the Nissan and NASA EV battery, Nissan and NASA partnership, and much more below.



Nissan and NASA Partnership

The Nissan and NASA partnership is crucial to the future of the INFINITI EV lineup. In 2018, it was announced that Nissan and NASA have collaborated to develop future autonomous mobility services while sharing research and technology. This partnership has helped to develop SAM, Nissan’s Seamless Autonomous Mobility, which is a new platform for managing fleet and transportation services. Nissan has a roadmap to revolutionize its technology in the Nissan EV battery, NASA electric vehicle batteries, and much more.

The Change in Nissan’s EV Battery

The biggest accomplishment to come from the Nissan and NASA partnership is the NASA and Nissan electric vehicle battery which could be stable enough to be used in pacemakers. The biggest difference in the new NASA electric vehicle batteries is they are an all-solid battery which would be safer, lighter, and half the size of the current Nissan EV battery. The main goal is to avoid using rare, expensive materials. Since Nissan is the parent company of INFINITI, Nissan and NASA EV battery technology is revolutionary to replace the lithium-ion battery currently used.

INFINITI: Electric Future

Through this partnership, these brands are working on developing a battery that can charge fully in 15 minutes, which will change the charging experience of any future INFINITI EV in Alhambra and beyond. The previewed INFINITI EV lineup seems to feature a sleek hatchback and a pair of crossovers featuring technology that will be futuristic but not difficult for Glendale driver to use and adjust to.

The electrified INFINITI models will offer distinct and upscale style and design while featuring the Zero Gravity seats that maximize comfort for all commutes. These seats replicate the “zero-gravity” conditions in space to deliver optimal spine support and comfort.

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